I love LEGO and Tesla. Kids love LEGO and Tesla. If you want a Tesla toy here are your options: a $500 battery powered ride-on car by Radio Flyer, a $250 diecast model and a $1 Hot Wheels car. We need more Merchandising! Merchandising!

LEGO Speed Champions sets are typically around $15. Currently, muscle cars of the past and present are the only models found in the LEGO Speed Champions line up. This would be one of just a couple LEGO toys that are a nod to the world’s transition to sustainable energy and green energy innovation. A LEGO Tesla Model 3 Speed Champions set is just the toy the future generation needs.

Please support this product on LEGO Ideas! And, because it’s amazing, here’s a book my son wrote about Tesla!

Informational Tesla.
1. It charges!!!!
2. It is fast!!
3. It has doors with thumb pullers!!!!!
4. It has sensors to drive by itself!!!!!!
5. It has a map!
Thanks for reading my book!